Customers who use Evosus Mobile find themselves constantly restarting Evosus Mobile Service (EMS) manually when it stops working. This is a real problem for customers because usually, it is the owner or IT staff that needs to restart the services. Additionally, it is a headache for Client Success Managers (CSM's) to show customers how to restart EMS every time they need help with the process. While this is a beta fix, we feel confident this will improve customer experience with Evosus and negate the need for customers to restart EMS on an ongoing basis. The steps outlined below are how to set this up. 

Things to know: 

 - This must run on the Evosus Service Host 

 - All tasks need to run as an Administrator 

 - Restarting EMS requires properly restarting services for both EMS and Evosus WebAPI. There are two ways to do this:
1. The first is to setup a batch file. While this is a quick and easy to set it up, it will still require customers interaction to restart EMS. 

2. The second and preferred option is to setup a scheduled task. While this takes longer to setup, it is automated so it becomes a "set it and forget it" experience. 

Step by Step:

Setup A Batch File - Quick

If you do not have time to setup a scheduled task, a quick way to set this up is simply create batch file. When there are problems with EMS, customers can run right click a file, choose "Run as Administrator" and they are off and running. This code stops EMS and Evosus WebAPI, and then starts them again in the proper order. 


If their Windows account is neither a local nor a domain admin, they will need those credentials to run this file. 

Step 1: Open Notepad

Step 2: Copy the text below, and paste it into the notepad document:

You could also put it on one line:


Step 3: Save the Notepad document. Go to File > Save As

- Save it to the Desktop 

 - File name: RestartEvosusMobile.bat

 - Save as type: "All Files (*.*)

 - Click 'Save'

Step 4: Done. To run the batch file, right click on the file and choose "Run as Administrator."

Setup A Scheduled Task - Preferred

In order for this to work effectively, it is important to determine an appropriate time to run it daily. My suggestion is to run the task no later than one hour prior to staff arriving for the day. Since this is something that would run daily, I would suggest running it around 5AM. Even though this will not affect users during the day, it is better to do this before people arrive for the day and well after the SQL backups complete. 

Step 1: Open Explorer and go to the following path: 

 - This will open the Task Scheduler

Step 2: On the right side under "Actions" choose "Create Task."

Step 3: Name the task "Daily restart of Evosus Mobile."

 - Choose "Run whether user is logged on or not."

 - Check "Run with highest privleges."

 - Set "Configure for:" to the highest level (In this case Server 2016).

Step 4: Go to the "Triggers" tab.

Step 5: Under "Triggers" click "New..."

Step 6: Under Settings choose "Daily". Start today's date and 5AM

 - Leave the box checked next to "Enabled." Then click "Ok."

Step 7: Click the "Actions" tab.

Step 8: Under "Actions" click "New..."

Step 9: Under "Settings" Program/script: 

Step 10: Add arguments (optional): 

Step 11: Click "Ok."

Step 12: Next click "Ok." You do not need to modify "Conditions" or "Settings."

 - This will open a request for the credentials to run the task. This account should be a local or domain admin account that does not expire. 

Step 13: Enter the user name and password for the account, and click "OK."

Step 14: Done!

Test The New Task

Step 1: Find the new task, right click on it, and choose "Run."

Step 2: Wait a few minutes because the services need to stop and then start again.

 - When it finishes, you should see "This operation completed successfully. (0x0)

Step 3: You are done!